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Living Life on Purpose

Living Life on Purpose

Parents Night

  • Third Thursday, once a month event

  • Inviting any and all parents who are struggling with parenting their teens. An opportunity to unite together, share a community and support one another

  • Pay at the door: $25 CAD

  • In-Person ONLY

  • Unique sessions curated to work on YOU and only you. 

  • 12 Sessions split into 6 months 

  • Upfront payment of $5,000 CAD



  • Drill down to find your deepest why. Workout your challenges, your identity, your beliefs and create powerful statements that keep you in an empowered state when you leave. Master your path and put your flag posts in the ground for your journey. Share your dreams, fears and blocks with a group of individuals that are doing the same

  • Dates: October 6th-9th, 2022

  • Upfront payment of $2,397 CAD to lock in your spot

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